Z³ Has Arrived.

Q1 2023
  • Stealth Launch
  • Whitepaper Release
  • KYC with SolidProof
  • Contract Audit with SolidProof
  • V2 Website Release
  • The dawn of ZEV³
  • Compound Calculator dApp
  • ZEV³ Utility Reveal
Q2 2023
  • CUBEDAO³ Audit
  • CUBEDAO³ Release
  • Coordinated Marketing
  • V2 Whitepaper Release
  • ZEV³ Audit
  • ZEV³ Launch
  • Affiliate Program Release
  • Tesseract³ Audit
  • ZEV³ Launch Calendar Release
  • Partnered Service Provider Dashboard
  • ZEV³ Upgrades & Maintenance
  • Tesseract³: The Build Begins
  • Ambassador Program Rollout
  • Youtube Marketing Campaign
Q3 2023
  • Youtube Marketing Campaign (Continued)
  • Tailored Z³rvices Reveal
  • Project Partnership Growth
  • Project Profiles BETA release
  • EVM Expansion
  • Tailored Z³rvices Launch
  • AMA Tour #2
  • Tesseract³: The Awakening
Q4 2023
  • Developer Dashboard
  • V4 Website Release
  • ZEV³ Contract Updates
  • EVM Expansion
  • ZEV³: The Expansion Reveal
  • ZEV³: Modular Interface Release
  • ZEV³: The Expansion - Phase 1


Z³ Starting Supply : 2,100,000
Z³ Current Supply : ---
Z³ Maximum Supply : 21,000,000

Cubes Mined : ---
Next Halving : ---

Transaction Taxes
- 2% The Z³ Treasury
- 1% Auto LP Injection
- 1% Marketing and Development
- 0% Transfer Tax
Transaction Taxes
2% The Z³ Treasury
1% Auto LP Injection
1% Marketing and Development
0% Transfer Tax



The Z³ team believes deeply in the power of decentralization, and even in the very early stages of planning for Z³, establishing a DAO was a key milestone for this project. If ZEV³ is the engine that powers Z³’s ecosystem, CUBEDAO³ is the steering wheel, directing the project towards its most successful path.

CUBEDAO³ will be more than just voting rights on project ongoings, it will be a vibrant community, evolving and steering project goals as Z³ grows.



Tesseract³ is an exclusive group made up of the top 100 Z³ holders, known as The Keepers. The Keepers will review promising project who wish to launch through ZEV³ with Liquidity Provisioning provided by the Z³ Treasury.

In return for this a temporary transaction tax will be hardcoded into the launching project’s taxes which funnels directly back to the Z³ treasury for the agreed period.



ZEV³ is an all-encompassing, automated project creation suite, covering everything from smart contract development to scheduled launches and automatic liquidity locking.

ZEV³ represents a complete overhaul of the project creation and launch process, designed by industry experts to deliver unrivaled safety, transparency and accessibility for both developers and investors alike.


Z³ Treasury

The Z³ Treasury is funded through transaction taxes and revenue from utilities and will serve as a strategic reserve for the project, funding utility development and long-term growth.

Treasury funds are available to be utilised by CUBEDAO³ and Tesseract³ for investment and Liquidity provisioning purposes.